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Gates and Bezos Both Betting Big on New EV Tech, SSBT

This is big.

Two of the top 5 richest men on the planet just placed big bets on a new electric car tech.

Bill Gates, who famously founded Microsoft…

And Jeff Bezos, the billionaire behind…

Are backing a new type of battery technology that is promising to change the world as we know it…

Most Americans have probably never heard of it.

It’s called SSBT.

Business Insider calls SSBT a “death blow to lithium-ion batteries.”

IBTimes calls it simply, “The Tesla Killer.”

When you see what this technology is capable of, it’s easy to see why these guys are so excited…

Investing legend Matt McCall — who also predicted the rise of Amazon, Netflix and Salesforce before they were household names…

Even the rise of bitcoin as a “digital currency” — agrees.

He just put together a presentation detailing everything you need to know about this technology — including the name and ticker symbol of a stock you can buy today to take advantage of this incredible situation.

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